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Ten of Clubs Collective: Matt 

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To meet our master organiser and bearded bad uncle Matt, read on! ♣︎


Please introduce yourself. 

Hi, I’m Matt. I manage operations and logistics here at TEN OF CLUBS. 


How old are you? 

I am approaching 40. Sadly, from the wrong direction.

I know I'm the oldest here, but thank you for mentioning it. Think of me less as a father figure and more as a bad uncle. 


How did you come to be part of TEN OF CLUBS and what exactly do you do? 

Skev asked me to be involved. He's my best mate, so I said yes.

I’m responsible for the nitty-gritty jobs that keep this show on the road. That’s things like ordering supplies, paying bills on time, managing inventory and shipping, and making sure the website works.

If it involves design or creativity, someone else does it. I am not an artist.

But I do write most of the Pulitzer Prize-worthy articles in our blog: The Winchester. If it's hideously over-punctuated, I probably wrote it. 

Matt and Skev


Do you work anywhere else? 

I’m happy to say no, other than the occasional shift behind the bar of our local pub. It’s TOC's home from home. Most of us have worked there at some time or other: Skev, Rosie, Romany, and now me.


Which are your favourite TOC items? 

Our Head Cave and Wave tees are bloody marvellous, in my humble opinion. Our hoodies are also fantastically good quality. Very comfy. Very warm. 


What other clothing brands do you like? 

Are there others? 


Now, to really get to know you, some random and rapid-fire questions. What’s the best way to start the day? 

Cup of coffee. Cigarette. Satisfying bowel movement. The holy trinity.


What is your favourite drink? 

If we’re talking booze, Guinness is like mother’s milk to me. I also drink way too much coffee. 


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What’s your favourite smell? 

I like antiseptic smells: TCP, Dettol, Milton Sterilising Fluid. Odd, I know.


What TV shows are you into? 

I don’t watch much television. I prefer movies. I do like Rick & Morty and I loved Breaking Bad. When I had Covid, I binge-watched all 5 seasons in a week. Have you seen Person of Interest? That was a great series. My all-time favourite is a batshit bonkers show from the '60s called The Prisoner. Very weird. Very trippy. Very British.


What quirks or peculiar habits do you have? 

I have many. I talk to myself a lot and tend to thank machines for doing their job. Everyone needs encouragement.

I have quite a few bird-based superstitions. I always have to salute solitary magpies or something bad may happen to me. I have a similar ritual for crows. 


What skill would you like to master? 



What movie title best describes your life? 

A Series of Unfortunate Events. 


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Which city would you most like to live in? 

I don’t want to live in a city. I’ve lived in cities – Cardiff and Nottingham – when I was at uni. I’ve scratched that itch. I like the village I live in.

But if you’re forcing me to move, I’ll pick Edinburgh. It’s a beautiful place and I have happy memories of my time there. Make sure to visit The Jolly Judge. Great pub.


What would you rate 10 out of 10? 

Eggs Benedict. Taste sensation.


What’s the most interesting place you’ve been to? 

I used to travel a lot for work. Before TEN OF CLUBS I was an export salesman and went here, there and everywhere. I got to visit plenty of fascinating countries, as well as a few shitholes.

The most interesting was probably the North Korean border. I was in South Korea, obviously, and got to visit the ominously-named Third Tunnel of Aggression: one of the secret tunnels the North dug under the Demilitarised Zone in the hope of making a surprise attack on the South. That was very cool.

I wasn't on a covert mission. It’s open to the public. The South Koreans have made it into a tourist attraction. The tunnel’s about 250ft underground and about a mile long. You can walk most of its length. It’s just wide enough for two people to pass each other.

You eventually come to a block wall, or you’d end up in North Korea, at which point you turn round and walk back again. It is more exciting than I’ve made it sound.


What’s the luckiest thing that’s happened to you? 

I’ve had a few close scrapes with death and have somehow not died, so I guess they were each lucky in their own life-threatening way.  

When I was a student in Nottingham, I lived in a flat above a bed shop. I had to be rescued from it when the shop and its stock of mattresses went up in flames.

There was only one way in and out of the flat and, unfortunately, that route was already ablaze by the time I smelt smoke. I was trapped. 

A friendly fireman eventually got me out via a very narrow first-floor window, and down his ladder to safety. It was an interesting experience.

I’m actually very calm in life-threatening situations, because I’m typically slow to realise I’m in danger.


What’s your proudest achievement? 

That I’m still alive. 


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What’s the best book or series you’ve ever read? 

I’ve read all the Sherlock Holmes stories many times. I love Victoriana and gothic stuff, and Holmes appeals to my coldly rational mind.

If you haven’t read them, treat yourself. Maybe skip the novels, except The Hound of The Baskervilles, but the short stories are all brilliant. 


What’s something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives? 

I don't know. Have a multi-faith orgy. Let all the religions of the world come together.

Just do whatever makes you happy, so long as you don't hurt anyone else. According to Aristotle, 'Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life.' Who am I to disagree? 


When you can’t decide what to listen to, who’s your go to artist or band?  

Tame Impala. Kevin Parker is a genius. He’s a musical magpie – I should probably salute him – taking ideas from here, there, and everywhere. ‘Currents’ is an amazing album.

‘Let it Happen’ is my all-time favourite song. It speaks to me like no other song ever has, and touches me in my most intimate of regions.


What gets you riled up or is guaranteed to annoy you? 

Many, many things. Beneath this mild-mannered exterior I’m a seething ball of barely contained rage. 

People talking over me grinds my gears. When I’ve finished making my point, I’ll leave a pause. Then it’s your turn. Until then, be kind enough to shut up and listen. So many people seem to think a conversation is a monologue with an audience.

But what really boils my piss is when people say 'I’m speaking my truth.' God, I hate that. Your truth?! That isn't truth, it's just your half-arsed, ill-considered, specious opinion. Everyone, please stop saying it.


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What irrational fears or phobias do you have? 

I hate spiders, particularly the giant, bird-eating variety that keep invading my home. When I was in Australia, I saw a Huntsman spider that was ludicrously massive. It was like the face-hugger from Alien. Vile.


What’s something you will never do again? 

Drink tequila.


Which of your scars has the best story behind it? 

I don’t have any scars, apart from a chickenpox scar on my fivehead. It tells the story of where my fringe used to be, before I went bald.


What’s the dumbest thing you’ve done that turned out pretty well? 

I’ve done a lot of dumb things. Not dumb in a way that’s actually cool, just dumb. Poor life choices. Unwise romantic entanglements. Trusting the wrong people. The usual.  

But all my dumb decisions have led me here, and now I get to work with my best mate and a group of incredibly talented people. I wouldn’t change it for the world. So, taking the long view, all of the many dumb things I’ve done have cumulatively turned out pretty well. 


Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

No, that’s more than enough. I’ve been reluctant to share this much.

But I would like to thank everyone that’s helped and supported us so far, especially everyone that’s bought from us. You are all beautiful humans. Thank you.


November 2023


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