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Sustainability, copyright Andy Ross Photography

We aim to be as environmentally and socially responsible as possible. We believe small, positive changes can have big environmental impacts.

We a small business but we always try to minimise our impact on the environment. We love finding new eco-friendly and sustainable ways of doing things.


We're committed to designing and creating durable, high quality products that last. We source our products ethically, making use of organic materials where possible.

Organic materials, like the organic cotton we use for our heavy hoodies, are grown without harmful chemicals and pesticides. As well as protecting wildlife and the environment, chemical-free farmland stays fertile longer.

Our clothing is designed to be washed at 30℃. Washing at lower temperatures not only helps keep your clothes looking great for longer, it also helps cut carbon dioxide (CO²) emissions by saving energy.

Sustainability, copyright Andy Ross Photography

Our packaging is made from recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.

We're also going further by replacing our recyclable shipping bags with compostable mailers made from unwaxed, unbleached, recycled cardboard. These can be disposed of with your other recycling or, better still, added to your home compost to feed the bugs and worms.

Sustainability, copyright Andy Ross Photography


All our shipments are carbon neutral. To make our carbon footprint as small as possible, we invest in carbon offsets to remove CO² from the atmosphere.

Because shipping your order to you relies on burning fossil fuels and releasing CO², we are taxing ourselves for the carbon we emit by funding projects that pull carbon out of the atmosphere.

Carbon removal is the process of capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it, by high-tech means or reforestation.

Sustainability, copyright Andy Ross Photography

When you've finished with them, reuse or recycle your old clothes. Give them to a mate, donate them to charity, or sell them. Don't let them end up in landfill.

Every item of clothing has its environmental cost. Help us keep it as low as possible.


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