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We're creators. We want to be known for what we create, not what we destroy.

We don't claim to be environmental experts, but it seems obvious to us that destroying the planet we live on is not a sensible long-term strategy! 

As sensible people, we've made it our goal to be as environmentally and socially responsible as possible, in all aspects of our business.

We believe that small, positive changes can have big environmental impacts. We view sustainability as an ongoing process of continual improvement. We strive continually to implement innovative, eco-friendly, and sustainable ways to minimise our impact on the environment.


We're committed to designing and creating durable, high quality products that last.

We source our products ethically, making use of robust, organic materials wherever possible.

Organic materials, such as organic cotton, are grown without harmful chemicals and pesticides. As well as protecting wildlife and the environment, chemical-free agricultural land stays fertile longer than land spoiled by prolonged use of pesticides.

Our garments have been designed to be washed at 30℃. Washing at lower temperatures helps to cut carbon dioxide (CO²) emissions by saving energy. Doing so also helps to keep your clothes looking great for longer.

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Our packaging is 100% recyclable and, in almost all cases, made from recycled materials. And we continue to make improvements.

We're currently replacing our recyclable shipping bags with compostable mailers made from recycled, unwaxed and unbleached cardboard. These can be disposed of with domestic recycling, but we recommend adding them to your home compost to feed the worms.

Composting is the cycle of micro-organisms feeding on waste and turning it into plant nutrients. Although cardboard is widely recycled in many countries, it still accounts for more than 30% of all waste in landfills.

If cardboard is recycled back into the environment as green materials by composting, it can reduce the waste in landfills and provide a habitat for assorted  critters, insects and mini-beasts. The community of critters who live among the waste help the decaying process. These in turn are a delicious food source for hedgehogs and other garden animals.

Our product swing tags are made from 100% recycled card. The poly bags we use are made from 100% recycled plastic.

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All of our shipments are carbon neutral. We invest in carbon offsets to neutralise our shipping emissions and remove CO² from the atmosphere.

Carbon removal is the process of capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it, either in plants or by high-tech means. Nature-based carbon removal technologies include reforestation (planting more trees) and soil carbon sequestration (cultivating photosynthesising plants, trees, and grasses to store carbon in biomass and soils).

Because shipping orders to you relies on burning fossil fuels and releasing CO², we're taxing ourselves for the carbon we emit by funding projects that pull carbon out of the atmosphere to neutralise our carbon footprint.

It's another important step on our journey to becoming a carbon neutral company.

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We all have our part to play in safeguarding our planet. We know that you may not hold onto your TOC garms forever, but what you do when you're finished with them can have huge environmental impact.

The worst case scenario, and the most common, is that garments end up in landfill, aggravating current issues with waste and the environment. We ask you to please reuse or recycle your old clothing.

Instead of chucking your old clothes out, give them to a mate, donate them to charity, or make some coin by selling them. Every item of clothing has its environmental cost, so let’s try and keep them circulating for as long as we can.

Thank you for supporting us, you beautiful human. With your help we can achieve our goal of becoming a carbon neutral company.

Stay cool and spread the word ♣︎