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YvngError: World Domination - Nothing Less

When we last met up with Mitch Young - a.k.a. indie rock singer/songwriter YvngError - he was gigging up and down the UK, fresh from releasing his single The Fool.

That was July 2021. England's lockdown restrictions were easing. The excellent Loki had just premiered on Disney+ and the Right Honourable (and aptly named) Matt Hancock MP had been caught on camera getting jiggy with his parliamentary aide. Happy times. A lot has happened since then.

To find out what’s been happening to YvngError, we met the West London lad in a busy café in the Capital's fashionable Fitzrovia. Over expensive coffees we talked gigs, collabs, and the City of Angels.

It's been almost a year since we last got together. What have you been up to?

It’s been manic! Back in January I managed to get a couple of shows booked in Los Angeles, which was amazing. Ended up being out there for a month, having a headline show at TR!P Santa Monica. Great venue! Playing there was an absolutely fantastic experience! Honestly, the best moment of my career so far. Amazing!

I also played a gig at Ye Olde Kings Head. It’s this incredible English pub in Santa Monica, California. Noel Gallagher played there in 1998. I went to visit, just to have a look. I walked in, told them I was from the UK and a massive Gallagher fan. We talked, I played them some of my songs on my phone, and they booked me for the following week! Couldn’t believe it. I got to perform in the exact same spot as Noel. That was super surreal.

Indie rock singer/songwriter YVNGERROR
What did you think of LA? Had you been there before?

Yeah, when I was 18. I went there as a sponsored skateboarder, which was cool. The first thing we did when we got there this time – I’d travelled out there with a good friend – was hit up Venice Beach. We talked to loads of people. They like the Brits.

There’s this incredible busking community in Santa Monica, who all live on the beach and just have the greatest vibes. We met them on the first day, became friends, and I spent the month there, performing on the beach when I wasn’t gigging in town.

Did the Yanks like your songs?

The reception out there was absolutely incredible. It was brilliant, just singing my songs and having an amazing time. There’s so much live music there. It’s vibrant.

We saw that you’d taken the opportunity to film the ‘Wonderland’ music video while in LA.

Yeah! We hadn’t planned to shoot it out there. But Santa Monica is so beautiful, it seemed crazy not to film. I spent my last day in Santa Monica just wandering around, singing my song, and all the time being filmed. It was cool. Check it out.

Indie rock singer/songwriter YVNGERROR
Was it a shock to the system getting back to Blighty?

Yeah, to be honest. I love England, but being home was a bit of a downer. Having been so up in the clouds out there, with all the fantastic things that happened, it was almost like a dream. But I made some good and genuine friends in LA, and we met through music. It’s always incredible when you see that a song you wrote has touched someone – that it has emotionally connected – in the way you wanted it to when you wrote it. I’ll definitely be back in LA soon. I’m talking to a promoter currently about possibly playing Troubadour and The Viper Room.

And have you been gigging since you got back? 

Absolutely. Since the last time we met, I’ve started working with Hot Vox. It’s a music management and promotion company that works with a lot of new and up-and-coming artists. The guys have been booking out shows for me. The first was at The Workshop here in London. Fantastic night. Fantastic venue. 

It's been such an amazing experience transitioning from doing a lot of open mic nights all over London, to actually having shows booked, including headline shows.

Are you working on new music at the moment?

Of course! I’m always writing songs. I recently did a collaboration with an incredibly talented songwriter, producer, rapper called Leon DC. He’s working on some fantastic stuff, and getting a lot of views on YouTube.

He reached out to me a little while back and asked if I wanted to collab on a track. I said yes – of course! – and started working on some lyrics right away. More details coming soon. Stay tuned.

Anything else you’re excited about?

I’m competing in the Future Icon competition. The winner gets a slot playing at the Bingley Weekender in August. The headliners are Rag‘n’Bone Man, The Libertines, and Pixies. I mean, it doesn’t get better than playing to a festival crowd!

I'm through to the semi-finals on June 25th at The Star of Kings in Kings Cross. I’m currently working on perfecting my set. I want to make it as good as it can be for this incredible opportunity. Super buzzing about this!

Indie rock singer/songwriter YVNGERROR
You’ve done a lot in the last 10 months!

I’ve had some great experiences and learned a lot. I think 2022 feels like a new chapter. When I started singing, performing, and writing two years ago, I guess I never saw it going as far as it has – I mean, I hoped and dreamed, but that’s not the same as really believing. But there have been moments in recent months where it’s almost like, 'Is this really happening?!'

I’m very thankful for the people around me who have been supporting me and guiding me in the right direction. That includes TEN OF CLUBS, and friends, family, and the new people I’ve meet along the way. There have been ups and downs: days when you’re like, 'Is it all worth it?' But sometimes you have to take a step back to realise how much you’ve achieved. That’s when I find my happiest moments.

I believe the more positivity you put out there, the more the universe seems to help you on your journey. Jost got to stay humble, work hard, and always follow your dream.

Wise words. So, you’re feeling positive for the future?
Yes, absolutely. Summer should be very exciting, with loads of new music. More gigs. More releases. More festivals. All-round good vibes!
My next gig's on Thursday at 26 Leake Street. It’s a proper awesome venue in the old tunnels under Waterloo Station. It has a kind of steampunk vibe. You can get all the info on Hot Vox. See you there!
And what’s next?
World domination. Nothing less!


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