Winter 2021 Collection Photoshoot | TEN OF CLUBS

Winter 2021 Collection Photoshoot

Fashion photoshoot for Ten of Clubs apparel

Let us take you behind the curtain to see for yourself how, on a cold day in December, a weary band of creative types set out to photograph the new Blank Stare TeeHead Cave Tee, and Bone Heads Tee in all their heavenly glory!

Each new collection we drop means another photoshoot in another interesting location. This time, to ring the changes, we opted to switch from a post-industrial aesthetic to something more ecclesiastical.

Our previous photoshoots have been outdoors, and usually in sub-zero temperatures. The venue this time was a 19th century chapel in Oxfordshire that, thankfully, proved to be noticeably warmer than we're used to.

Coffee break during fashion photoshoot for Ten of Clubs apparel

Cool New Tees Available Now

We had chosen to start the day surprisingly early, for reasons no one can now remember. With Covid and sundry other viruses stalking the land, it was perhaps not surprising that a few planned participants were instead confined to their sick beds. Get well soon, guys! 😷

Huge thanks to Romany, designer of the new Bones Heads Tee, for agreeing to be one of our models. Romany, you were amazing! We're especially grateful as i) you were given absolutely no notice, and ii) we know that you hate having your photo taken! 

Charlie and Skev were also on modelling duty this time, and were consummate pros. Likewise, Richie was back with his trusty camera and his a-game. With his keen eye for composition, he made sure we got maximum value from the venue.

After nearly 4 hours, with a hundred or more images in the can, and as tradition dictates, we decamped to the pub to celebrate another shoot well shot.

Quality British Streetwear

For this latest collection of funky tees, our designers have each taken a different approach to the (admittedly loose) theme of 'headspace'.

Each design element was first hand-drawn, then scanned into the computer and set up for printing. We're really pleased with how this has captured the textures and detailing of the original sketches.

For maximum comfort and a quality feel, we've chosen the softest jersey cotton for this latest collection of t-shirts. Cut slightly longer, with double hem and side seams, these tees will accentuate your sexy shape. We hope you'll love this new collection as much as we do.

Check out the new tees - Blank StareHead Cave, and Bone Heads - today!


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Fashion photoshoot for Ten of Clubs apparel
Coffee break during fashion photoshoot for Ten of Clubs apparel