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Valentine's Day has come, and so have we!

It's taken a ton of work and the combined efforts of many friends, but we now have a dank corner of the Internet to call our own! Welcome to TEN OF CLUBS!

We're excited to share our first collection with you. It's a sick selection of premium graphic tees that we hope you'll love as much as we do. Check 'em out.

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Many months of graft and toil have got us to this point. But today is only the thrilling climax to phase one. Now the real work begins!

We have big plans for the year ahead. With your help we will make them real.

Many have helped us give birth to this beautiful TOC baby. Rather than reel off a long and boring list of names and thank yous - this isn't Oscars night and we're not Gwyneth Paltrow, with or without her scented candle - let's just say you know who you are and you know we're grateful.


We have one more favour to ask...

Please help spread the word by telling your friends about us 👍

We especially need your help if your friends happen to be major or minor celebrities, social media influencers, sports personalities, or CEOs of multi-national media corporations!

Make sure to stay in the TOC loop by signing up to our mailing list. You'll also get a special discount for doing so.

We can't know yet whether following us on Instagram and Facebook will make your life better, but we're fairly certain it won't make it any worse. Give us a go!

Thanks for your support, you beautiful human!


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Sup. We're a design collective of young artists. Defiantly alternative and passionate about music - alt rock, metal, hardcore - we've been creating fresh apparel and unique wall art since 2021.

From graphic tees, long sleeves, hoodies and headwear, to art prints, hand-painted skateboards and more, we help you express your individual style.

A share of the proceeds goes straight to the designer each time you shop with us. It’s why we tell you who designed each item we sell.

Stay cool and spread the word ♣︎