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Spring 2021 Collection Photoshoot

Having lived with Covid lockdowns and the awful 'new normal' for almost a year, we'd imagined that the pandemic would be over long before our first full photoshoot. We were wrong.  

But it'll take more than a Chinese bat virus to stop ToC! Armed with masks and industrial quantities of hand sanitiser, we set out to capture some sick images to showcase our first drop of 2021. Although bloody cold - not so surprising for February in England! - we were damn lucky to have chosen a day that wasn't pissing with rain or covered in a blanket of snow.

Great New Collection for Spring 2021

Our first collection of 2021 features some amazing tees, with bold designs courtesy of Romany and Skev. Our hoodies and beanies, featuring our ToC logo, are instant classics and, having worn them for the duration of the shoot, we can say with confidence they're warm as well as looking great. 

Woman modelling Wave Tee from Ten of Clubs

Big Thanks to the Collective

We are hugely grateful to all those that volunteered to help out on the day. Special thanks go to Richie for his photographic skills, and to our brilliant models, Charlie and Mercedes, for their patience and professionalism. You were amazing!

With all pubs in England being shut - thanks Boris! - we were not able to have a couple of pints in our local to celebrate our first shoot, but we did find a few gaps in the schedule for some Covid-compliant beers nonetheless.

We hope you'll love our new collection as much as we do.



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Man in Wave Hoodie Black from Ten of Clubs