The Ten of Clubs Collective in Also Known As

Collab: TOC x AKA Launch Night

If you’re signed up to our mailing list, or you follow us on social media, you already know we’ve joined forces with top live music venue Also Known As to bring you awesome limited edition graphic tees and the best new music out there.

The first AKA tees have just dropped! The brilliant Club Head and Illuminatee have been designed for us by artist and TikTok content creator par excellence Dave 'The Bard' Shakespeare.

Like all the tees in this, they're from a strictly limited print run. Each tee is individually numbered. No restocks, ever. Don't miss out. Visit our online store or haul ass to Also Known As to grab yours.


To celebrate our latest collab, we gathered the TOC Collective for a night of booze and bands at AKA. First up were boundlessly energetic folk rockers Liam Vincent and the Odd Foxes, followed by incredible indie pop project LONG ISLAND.

Both bands excelled. They're well worth seeing and hearing live. For more about LONG ISLAND, make sure to check out our exclusive interview.


To make the night extra special for us, the lovely folk at AKA had created a special cocktail: the Espresso Stoutini. Knowing we love a pint of the black stuff, the Espresso Stoutini is a intoxicating melange of Guinness syrup, coffee, and Jameson’s Irish whiskey. It's nothing short of a taste sensation!

But be warned, like a pugnacious Irish pugilist, the Espresso Stoutini packs a hell of a punch! Should you wish to try it for yourself, haul your arse to AKA or follow this handy recipe.


Wanting to know more about how this delightful, smooth and sweet-tasting concoction came to be, we spoke to AKA's bar manager and master mixologist James Dickens.

James explains, "The basis of the cocktail was really the Guinnes syrup. I knew I had to somehow incorporate Skev’s favourite drink. I broke down the flavour profile of Guinness: strong coffee undertones with ample maltiness. The next thing, naturally, was to add fresh espresso.  

"The coffee really helped to bring out the flavour of the Guinness syrup, without it being too obvious or overwhelming. The next obstacle was the spirit.

"I dislike the idea of using plain vodka in cocktails. I don’t think it adds flavour; it’s purely a way of making any drink alcoholic. I wanted to find a spirit to complement the Guinness. Jameson’s whiskey made the most sense, given its flavour and rich Irish heritage.

"After spending a long time faffing about with measurements and ratios, I knew I’d almost got it right. But something was still missing. A squeeze of orange peel, expressed over the cocktail, and bang, the Espresso Stoutini was born."

The Ten of Clubs Collective in Also Known As


We had a great night in AKA, marred only by the post-cocktail hangovers the next day... Huge thanks to Mattie, Dave and James for organising everything and making it such a sick night.

Big thanks also to all those that came along to support us, especially those who bought a tee. You are all beautiful humans!

The next in our exclusive collection of AKA limited edition graphic tees will be dropping soon. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook so you don't miss a thing.

Stay cool. Spread the word ♣︎


📸 Andy Ross

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