Better with Ten of Clubs

We started Ten of Clubs to give new artists and designers a platform to showcase their creativity and talent. It's why we tell you who designed each item we sell. 

Now we want you to get creative and send us your videos showing it's BETTER WITH TEN OF CLUBS. We'll be featuring the best on our social media.

If we use your video, we'll give you £100 to spend in our shop. Boom!

Plus, from time-to-time, we'll be featuring our favourite videos and creators here on our website, with interviews and bios.

Get Creative

Your video can be as short as it needs to be, and no longer than 60 seconds.

It can be funny or moving, serious or surreal, clever or stupid. It doesn't even have to be live action. It could be a stop-motion mini masterpiece. Or perhaps you're an awesome musician keen to share your music. Anything goes ...except porn!

Just keep in mind the theme - BETTER WITH TEN OF CLUBS - and the important legal stuff below ⬇️

Join the Collective

Get creative and DM us on Instagram with your videos.

There's no limit on how many videos you can send us, nor on how many we'll pick. There's also no deadline. We'll keep picking for as long as you keep sending us worthy winners.

If we've selected your video, you'll hear from us. If you don't, we haven't.

We can't wait to see what inspired insanity you come up with! 😁

Stay cool and spread the word ♣︎



Terms & Conditions
This is important, so listen up. By sending us your videos to feature on our social media channels, you agree: 1) we can use your name, social media handle/username and the video content (collectively "the Content") on our website and/or on any of our social media platforms (including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram and TikTok); and 2) we can edit, crop, adapt, enhance or modify the Content as we think necessary.

You promise that: 1) the Content is the product of your own work; 2) you have permission from everyone in the Content to use it; 3) you have the right to grant us the above rights; and 4) you are at least 16 years of age.

If you, or anyone in the Content, asks us to remove the Content, we will remove it from our website and the social media accounts that we control. You understand that other users of social media platforms can also share and make use of the Content once posted. For example, a user of these platforms can take a screenshot and save an image of the Content to their device, and share the Content on social media platforms or websites which feature the Content.

If you do not want to grant the permissions set out above, please do not submit and give us your consent to use the Content.

If we use the Content, we'll send you a discount code for £100 to spend on our website. No cash alternative will be offered.

We are under no obligation to use, feature, share or promote the Content.