Hanataba Hand-Painted Skateboard | TEN OF CLUBS | Wall Art


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Unique, hand-painted skate deck wall art, signed by the young British artist.

Hand drawn in pencil, then hand painted with acrylic water-based paint markers, the deck is varnished to seal the design.

♣︎ Includes FREE wall mount and fixings 
♣︎ Deck size is 32 x 8¼ inches (81 x 21 cm)
♣︎ Made from high-quality 7-ply Canadian maple

Inspired by the many flower's in Rosie's mum's garden, the intricate design features floral bouquets with gold accents.

Designed and hand-painted by Rosie.

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This art piece is not intended to be used as a skateboard. Grip tape, wheels, bearings and trucks are not included.