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A traditional mask used in Japanese Noh theater, the hannya represents a jealous female demon.

Associated with tales of intense passion, the mask is typified by its proud bull horns, malevolent stare, and leering mouth. This unique deck features the hannya, flanked by white flowers, on a distressed green background.

The intricate design was drawn freehand in pencil, then painted with acrylic water-based paint markers. The deck is varnished to seal the design.

♣︎ Includes FREE wall mount and fixings
♣︎ Signed by the artist
♣︎ Made from high-quality 7-ply Canadian maple
♣︎ 32 inches (81cm) x 8.25 inches (21cm)

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Designed and painted by Rosie


This wall art is not intended to be used as a skateboard. Grip tape, wheels, bearings and trucks not included.