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That Was The Week That Was

Woman modelling Wave Tee from Ten of Clubs
By the power of Greyskull!

What a week! We unleashed the TEN OF CLUBS beast at midnight last Sunday. Thanks to you wonderful people, we didn't wait long for our first sale. 

The first checkout came after just 6 minutes. It seemed like longer... It was time to pop a champagne cork. Unfortunately, our launch night planning hadn't taken glassware requirements into account. Consequently, we were sipping the Co-op's finest champers from whatever receptacles happened to be available: half-pint Grolsch lager glasses and a coffee-stained mug.

The launch went way more smoothly than we had dared to hope, thanks in no small part to some last-minute tinkering from Raj the IT guy. We still have a few bugs to squash - and do please let us know if you stumble on any broken page links on our site. The same goes for it you have any issues with emails sent from us. We want to make this place the best it can be.

New Hoodies Now In Stock

It's clear that you love our fantastically cosy, fleece-lined Wave Hoodies, so we've added a classic grey version to the range.  We've also added more ways to shop, with our Instagram store having gone live on Monday.  And we end the week in discussion with an independent clothing store keen to stock our products.  Watch this space...

This week has been amazing!  We're so grateful to all who've helped out, and especially to everyone that's visited our site and bought something awesome. You are all wonderful human beings and we hope you'll stick with us on what The X Factor would call 'our journey.'

Stay cool and spread the word! ♣︎



Two men modelling Wave Hoodie Grey from Ten of Clubs