Skateboarding Photoshoot with Chris Spencer

Fashion shoot at the skatepark

From the start, skateboarding supremo and all-round top bloke Chris Spencer has been one of our biggest supporters. This week we took our cameras to shoot him doing his thing, shredding the skatepark with a style completely his own.


Spence owned the park and attacked every transition, all the while looking steezy in his Wave Hoodie Black.

If you want to be like Spence, but you don't have the stamina, balance, or skill he has, you can at least now dress like him! 👍

Made from 100% organic cotton, TOC hoodies are insanely comfy, warm and soft. Not since Mr Whippy got brewer's droop has the world known such softness. 

Man in Wave Hoodie Black from Ten of Clubs skateboarding at a skatepark

Huge thanks go to Richie for his skill with the camera. Amazing work, dude!

As you can see, Richie got some outrageous shots for us, as well as video of such ring-stinging spiciness it should come with a government health warning.

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Stay cool and spread the word ♣︎

Man in Wave Hoodie Black from Ten of Clubs skateboarding at the skatepark