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Meet the Collective: Rosie

Welcome to the latest in our series introducing you to each of us: the Ten of Clubs Collective. You’ll learn what each of us does, what inspires us, our likes and dislikes, and other juicy titbits.


Please introduce yourself.

Hello, I’m Rosie. I’m 26 and I’m an artist and designer at Ten of Clubs.


And what do you do when not designing for Ten of Clubs?

I’m an apprentice tattoo artist. I work at a great studio – Nevermore – in Daventry. I’ve been training since November 2021. I love it! And I also do a cheeky shift behind the bar at my local pub on a Sunday afternoon.

Rosie the tattoo apprentice at work


Which is your favourite from the items Ten of Clubs makes and sells?

It’s between the Wave Hoodie and the Wave Beanie. Wearing both is definitely the look. And the hoodie’s really comfy.


What other brands do you like?

Carhartt WIP is definitely my favourite, but I also love Stussy, Dickies, Lazy Oaf, Kickers, HUF and Santa Cruz. So many!


What’s your favourite item of clothing you own?

Oh… Do you want me to be honest? My Crocs! I know, but sometimes you have to put comfort before style!

Tattooed legs and bad footwear


What about favourite artists?

You should check out Dicky – he’s an amazing tattoo artist in London. I also really like the woodcuts done by an artist called Robbie Jones. They’re incredibly detailed and just beautiful.

You should definitely take a look at an artist called Denzel who makes beautiful custom rugs and clothing. And Elliott Langford is an artist and miniaturist making these gorgeous, dark, grimy miniature dioramas. The detailing is incredible.


Where do you get the ideas for the wall art you paint?

Ideas normally just pop into my head during the day. Sometimes I’ll think of something that would look amazing on a skateboard. Sometimes it’ll be something that would work better as an art print or a tattoo. I get a lot of inspiration from nature.


A lot of your work has a Japanese flavour.

Well, that’s because I love Japan! I’ve only been there once – back in 2018 – and all I can say is it was amazing! Everyone needs to go, at least once. It’s an absolutely beautiful country and everyone is just so bloody lovely there. The shrines, temples, and scenery are incredible. I also went to Universal Studios Japan in Osaka: still the best day of my life!

'Tatsu' Hand-Painted Skateboard Wall Art


Now, to really get to know you and probe your secret areas, some quick-fire questions randomly selected by the TOC-2000 supercomputer.

What TV shows are you into?

There are so many! Brooklyn 99, The IT Crowd, and Fresh Meat are all top tier. I also rewatch the old classics: Bottom, The Young Ones, Black Books, and Red Dwarf.


Do you have any phobias or irrational fears?

Yes, slugs. They’re disgusting, pointless and ugly.


Who’s your go-band band or artist when you can’t decide what to listen to?

Turnstile  awesome hardcore punk band. If you don’t know them, listen to Time & Space. It’s an amazing album!


What would you rate 10 out of 10?

My beautiful dog: Cherry. She’s a collie crossed with a Labrador, with a bit of German shepherd thrown in. She’ll be 11 in July. She loves everyone – well, humans. She can’t stand other dogs. She’s very chilled till she sees someone walking their dog, then she kicks off!

Cherry the dog


Do you have any other pets?

No, just my doggo. I used to have pet rats, but not now. I might get some again, one day.


Tell us more about your rats.

Rats make great pets. They’re very affectionate – especially the girls – and they eat anything: literally anything! They’re also smart. They soon learn who you are. They’ll greet you when you get home. But they do need a lot of attention and fussing.

I’ve had 8 rats in total: Luna, Lola, Lucy, Ellie, Annie, Peggy, Terrance, and Phillip. Not all at the same time, you understand. The most was 4 at one time.

Rats are prone to getting cancer, so they’d start dying off after 2 or 3 years. Terrance and Phillip were the last two. All the girls had died by then. You do not want to mix the girls and the boys!

Little Ellie died in my arms. She was sick and I'd spent several days giving her water from a syringe. It was the only way she could drink. It was very upsetting watching her die. I have a tattoo of Ellie on my leg.

Ellie the rat


You have a lot of tattoos. Do you know how many?

Lots. Too many to count. I’d say probably 50 or 60, at a guess. Still plenty of room for more! My favourite’s the crocodile head on my leg. I love that one.


What’s the best way to start the day?

Cuddles with my dog!


And what’s your proudest achievement?

Sticking to what I want and pushing myself each day to be a better artist. Anything’s possible.


The interrogation is over. Anything you'd like to add?

I’ve been working on new designs for our new collection of art prints. I hope people will like them. I think they will. I don’t know exactly when they’re dropping, but soon.

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