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Awesome Skateboard Wall Art

'Akuma Botan' hand-painted skateboard wall art
Unique, Hand-Painted Wall Art - Now Available

We're thrilled to announce that a new artist has joined the Ten of Clubs Collective! Rosie May Watts is bringing her awesome skills and creativity to our design team. We're stoked to have her join us!

Rosie is an incredibly talented artist, creating stunning skateboard wall art. Each skateboard deck is a one-off, featuring incredible hand-drawn and painted artwork.

Exclusively Available from Ten of Clubs

Believing the most beautiful things should be mounted, we include a FREE wall mount with each deck. Boom!

Come and have a look at our deck pics!

Rosie is fizzing with ideas, so we'll be adding more decks just as fast as she can paint 'em. She'll also be contributing designs for garms in future drops.

Hand-painted skateboard wall art from Ten of Clubs
The Best Young Artists and Designers

We've been approached by some incredibly talented artists in recent weeks, which is amazing. We have always intended for TEN OF CLUBS to be home to the best young designers.

We'll be announcing new projects soon. Watch this space and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the know.

And finally, we need to thank the guys at and for adding us to their lists of affiliated stores. Their websites get millions of hits per month, so hopefully a few of those visitors will soon be discovering TEN OF CLUBS for the first time.


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'Hanataba' hand-painted skateboard wall art