YVNGERROR: Live Your Dream

"How would you describe your attitude to life?" is a question we’ve never been asked.  If we had, we might have said, "Be yourself and do what makes you happy." 

'Shoulda', 'woulda', 'coulda' can jog on as far as we're concerned.  If you want to do or be something, do it or be it.  What's stopping you?

If you want to be a filmmaker, make films.  If you want to be a writer, write something.  And if you want to sing, get up on that stage and sing out. 

In fact, get up on every stage and practice, practice, practice.

Big Up Yvng Error!

That's why we like Mitch Young - better known as Brit rock artist Yvng Error - he has the cojones to get out there and live his dream. 

Mitch first contacted us months ago, when he was a finalist in Manchester's Got Talent.  We'll never know if he was destined to win it as the final stage of the competition succumbed to Covid and was cancelled.

But now, with lockdown restrictions easing - unless Boris moves the goalposts again! - Mitch is back gigging, honing his skills, and bringing his distinctive brand of British rock to venues the length and breadth of the country.  And all the while looking pretty fly in Ten of Clubs garms!

From Fanny's With Love

Last weekend he was entertaining the crowd at an open air gig at the brilliantly named Aunt Fanny's in Wimborne, Dorset.  Then, fresh from Fanny's, he was back on the road in search of The Cock & Bottle, a traditional Victorian boozer in vibrant Notting Hill.  This time the crowd was treated to a stripped-down acoustic set that had them going wild in the aisles. 

Where will the tour take him next?  Our money's on Cockermouth or Penistone.

Mitch is doing what he needs to do to make his dreams reality, and that's why we're proud to support him.  In a deck of cards the Ten of Clubs symbolises good fortune, so be like Mitch, put yourself out there, trust in the Ten of Clubs, and live your dream.

Check Him Out!

Yvng Error's new single - The Fool - is available now on Amazon Music and Spotify.  Check him out!  His debut album will be out later this year.

Stay cool and spread the word! ♣︎